What to Do If Your Car Key Gets Stuck in the Ignition: Steps and Expert Solutions

Key Gets Stuck in the Ignition

There are few situations more frustrating than discovering that your car key is stuck in the ignition. Whether you’re in a rush or simply going about your daily routine, this unexpected problem can be both inconvenient and worrisome. However, understanding the potential causes and knowing how to respond can go a long way in resolving the issue and preventing further complications. In this article, we will discuss steps to take if your car key gets stuck in the ignition, provide helpful tips for preventing this problem, and emphasise the importance of seeking assistance from expert automotive locksmiths like Car Key Rescue Perth in such situations.

Various factors can contribute to a car key becoming stuck in the ignition, such as a worn-out key, a faulty ignition lock cylinder, or even simple human error. Identifying the precise cause is crucial in determining the best course of action to retrieve the key and restore the vehicle’s functionality. Moreover, knowing how to handle a stuck key can prevent further damage to both the key and the ignition, potentially saving you time and money on repairs.

If you’re starting to see signs of trouble, such as a sticky key in the ignition, it’s best to give us a call at Car Key Rescue Perth. As Perth’s premier automotive locksmith, we can troubleshoot it before it becomes a problem.

In the following sections, we will outline key steps to take if you find your car key stuck in the ignition, offer practical prevention tips, and explore when it is essential to call in a mechanic.

1. Steps to Take If Your Car Key Gets Stuck in the Ignition

Before panicking or resorting to forceful measures, try the following steps to safely remove a stuck key from your vehicle’s ignition:

– Gently jiggle the steering wheel: Sometimes a locked steering wheel can prevent the key from being removed. Turn the wheel slightly in both directions while attempting to extract the key.

– Make sure the car is in ‘park’ or ‘neutral’: If your car is equipped with an automatic transmission, double-check that it is in the correct gear before attempting to remove the key.

– Examine the key for damage: If the key appears damaged or bent, it may be causing the issue. Avoid using excessive force while removing it, as this may further damage both the key and the ignition.

– Clean the key and ignition: Dust and debris might cause the key to stick in the ignition. Clean both components with a dry, lint-free cloth and try again.

– Lubricate the key and lock cylinder: If the previous steps haven’t resolved the issue, applying a non-conductive lubricant to the key and lock might help.

If you remain unsuccessful in removing the car key after trying these solutions, reach out to a professional automotive locksmith for assistance.

2. Tips for Preventing Your Car Key from Getting Stuck in the Ignition

To minimise the chance of your car key getting stuck in the ignition, adopt these preventive measures:

– Maintain your key and ignition: Regularly clean and check your car key and ignition for signs of wear or damage. Lubricate the lock cylinder if needed to keep it functioning smoothly.

– Replace worn or damaged keys: Do not continue using a key that is visibly worn or bent, as it may cause further issues. Instead, opt for a replacement from a trusted automotive locksmith.

– Handle your key carefully: Avoid applying excessive force when inserting or removing your car key from the ignition, as this can cause damage over time.

If your key is worn, damaged, or otherwise showing issues, it’s best to call in the experts at Car Key Rescue Perth.

3. When to Call a Professional

If you cannot resolve the issue on your own or fear causing further damage to your key or ignition, it’s time to consult a skilled locksmith for:

– Key replacement: If your key is damaged, a locksmith can create a new one that is compatible with your vehicle.

If the problem lies with the ignition, however, you should call a car mechanic to look at the vehicle.

4. Importance of Choosing a Reputable Automotive Locksmith

Selecting a reliable and experienced automotive locksmith is crucial for ensuring the best outcome in a car key emergency:

– Expertise: Professional automotive locksmiths possess the specialised knowledge and tools required for accurately diagnosing and resolving issues with your car key and ignition.

– Quick response time: In emergency situations, a reputable locksmith will prioritise your needs and respond promptly to resolve your issue.

– Vehicle compatibility: Trusted locksmiths have experience working with various makes and models, ensuring seamless solutions for your specific vehicle.

– Cost-effective services: Well-established automotive locksmiths often provide high-quality services at affordable rates, minimising the financial burden of car key incidents.


Dealing with a car key stuck in the ignition can be frustrating and inconvenient, but understanding how to approach the issue with care and when to call in professional help can make all the difference. By following the steps and tips outlined in this article, and by seeking the expert assistance of a reputable automotive locksmith like Car Key Rescue Perth, you can confidently and safely overcome any car key challenges and maintain the smooth operation of your vehicle.

For all your car key issues and car locksmith needs, contact Car Key Rescue Perth. Our licensed and experienced team of auto locksmiths in Perth is dedicated to providing prompt, efficient, and affordable solutions, ensuring your car key and ignition problems are resolved with the utmost care and professionalism. Trust us to be there when you need us most – call us today for reliable, expert service.

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