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JOB TYPE Transponder Key Replacement in Coolbellup


JOB DESCRIPTION Holden Trax Transponder Key Ends Up In Washing Machine

Many people are unaware that modern car keys contain small transponder chips that communicate with the car’s immobilizer system. When car keys get wet or are dropped, the transponder chip can be damaged, preventing people from being able to lock and unlock their vehicle or start their car.

One of our customers from Coolbellup this week learnt a lot about transponder keys! Unfortunately they had put their Holden Trax keys through the washing machine and had hoped the key would still work but, no luck! The transponder chip had been damaged and so the Holden key no longer communicated with their car.

A quick search for an ‘automotive locksmith’ and they came across us at Car Key Rescue. We explained that the transponder chip inside the key had most likely been damaged in the process of being accidently washed and would need to be replaced. We arranged a suitable time to be at their home in Coolbellup, just south of Perth where we were able to cut, code and program a new transponder key to their Holden Trax.

The Coolbellup customer was disappointed that they had managed to ruin their key but expressed his relief that we were able to efficiently organize and make the new transponder key. A lesson learnt – be careful with how you treat your car keys. Dropping keys or submerging them in water can stop them working. We advise customers to get in the habit of keeping their keys in a safe place at home and then you’ll also always find them!

For all of your Holden transponder key replacement needs, or any other make/model you may have, ask us for a quote today!

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Transponder Key Replacement in Coolbellup

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