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JOB TYPE Toyota Hilux Lost Key Replacement in Claremont


JOB DESCRIPTION Cheaper Compared To Dealership For Hilux Key Replacement

How our prices compare with dealerships?

Well we are glad you asked! At Car Key Rescue we offer competitive prices and a professional service. We are licensed automotive locksmiths. It always surprises us that so few people realise they have other options than returning to their dealership for replacement car keys. We are always cheaper! And not only do we stock genuine car keys, we also have a large range of aftermarket remote keys and proximity keys so we can show you all of the options for your particular vehicle.

This week we were out in Claremont helping a customer who found themselves in an ‘all keys lost’ situation with their Toyota Hilux. They had initially contacted Toyota for their replacement keys and after being shocked at the price, decided to look for alternatives and found our website. We provided them a price for two new keys to their Toyota Hilux and we saved the customer thousands of dollars.

The Claremont customer couldn’t believe their luck in finding us and were quick to provide us an exceptional google review once the job was completed. Not only are we much more affordable than the dealer, we also come to you, so there’s no need to factor in towing costs or anything additional on top of our quoted price.

For Toyota Hilux lost key replacement, or any other make/model you may have, ask us for a quote today!

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Toyota Hilux Lost Key Replacement Claremont
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