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JOB TYPE Toyota Hilux Key Replacement Spearwood


JOB DESCRIPTION Have you considered upgrading your car key?

People often wonder about whether they can change or upgrade their car keys. Whether it’s to avoid keys digging into your pockets, damaging your handbags or just because you want a better looking key – we will have a key to suit your needs!!

This week we’ve been around Perth making spare keys and surprising people with the modern upgraded keys we offer. One customer in particular from Spearwood contacted us for a quote for a Toyota Hilux key replacement as his key was falling apart. We quoted him for a replacement key and he couldn’t believe how good our prices were especially after being quoted almost three times as much through a Toyota dealer. He was even more delighted when we turned up for the appointment on time and showed him the modern flip remote key option we offer for no extra cost. He was that pleased we ended up making him a second key for a further reduced price.

We stock many modern remote flip keys and proximity keys. Perhaps you have a standard remote head key and are interested in upgrading to a flip remote key.

Offering an efficient and professional service for all of your Toyota key replacement needs, or any other make you may have. Ask us for a quote today!

Simply call us on 0433 933 223 or contact us by email.
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