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JOB DESCRIPTION Subaru Impreza Key Replacement in Ardross

Another busy week for us at Car Key Rescue supplying customers with replacement car keys and helping out customers who find themselves in an ‘all keys lost’ situation.

When organising spare car keys our customers are always surprised to see the range of flip remote keys we have in stock, which means for some vehicles our customers can also upgrade their remote to a more modern looking flip remote key.

One of our jobs this week was for a customer in Ardross who had requested a spare car key for their Subaru Impreza. When we arrived at their Ardross home, we spoke to them about the style of flip remote key we could offer them for the Subaru and they were happy to be able to select a more modern looking key.

As your local automotive locksmith, we pride ourselves in making sure our customers not only get value for money, but also get the best product available. Contact us today to organise a spare car key, or replacement car key for your vehicle, As a mobile service, we save you time and provide a more convenient option  – really there’s no excuse to keep putting off that spare car key.

For all your Subaru key replacement needs, or any other make/model you may have, ask us for a quote today!

Simply call us on 0433 933 223 or contact us by email.
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