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As spring arrived this week we saw more people getting out and about and unfortunately losing their car keys. Losing car keys is a frustrating experience – it interrupts people’s plans and can be costly which is why we always suggest organising a spare car key and keeping it in a safe location or with another family member.

Where possible, we try to prioritise getting to customers who have found themselves in an ‘all keys lost’ situation. Often these customers with ‘all keys lost’ are stranded away from their home.

This week we helped out a customer from Stirling who had enjoyed a day of shopping at Karrinyup Shopping Centre. When they returned to their vehicle, their Mazda keys were nowhere to be found. After a good hour of searching and checking in at the centre, they contacted us to Car Key Rescue them.

Fortunately we weren’t too far away! We were able to gain entry to the vehicle and to make a new smart key for their Mazda CX3. We had the Mazda owner on her way in less than an hour.

Modern style keys like smart keys and proximity keys are complex so always ensure you use a licensed repairer. At Car Key Rescue we only use the best car key cutting and car key programming equipment. Another happy customer!

If you need a replacement Mazda smart key, or any other make/model you may have, ask us for a quote today!

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Replacement Mazda Smart Key

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