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JOB TYPE Remote Car Key Replacement


JOB DESCRIPTION My Car Key Has Suddenly Stopped Working

“My car key has suddenly stopped working” is a common complaint from people who phone us for help with their car keys. Troubleshooting why the remote key has stopped working is our first task.

Car key programming is a complex issue these days as immobiliser systems require the specialist services of an automotive locksmith – no longer is it just a case of duplicating key cutting at your local cobbler.

Most often, remote car keys stop working because they need a new battery – this is a cheap and usually easy task that some customers are able to tackle themselves. If it isn’t the remote car key battery than we usually suspect the issue lies with the transponder chip inside the remote shell – and this is when you require our services! 

The transponder chip communicates with the vehicle’s immobiliser system so is integral in the process of starting the car. At Car Key Rescue we use specialised car key programming and car key cutting equipment to program new spare car keys or to replace car keys when people find themselves in an ‘all keys lost’ situation.

If you find yourself with a car key that’s stopped working, give us a call at Car Key Rescue – we take the hassle out of getting spare and replacement car keys.

Check out the spare car keys we made for a customer in Ferndale for their Toyota Corolla this week!

For remote car key replacement, ask us for a quote today!

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Remote Car Key Replacement

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