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Cars today are complex. Many of our customers are surprised when they see the technology needed to make a new car key. Often, people think it’s just about cutting a key but with the high tech immobiliser systems that cars now have, keys are a tricky business.

Cars today are also one of the most expensive purchases people will ever make and so ensuring only a qualified expert works on your car is important.

This week was a week of Hondas! From spare car keys to lost car keys it seemed that Honda owners needed us all over Perth. One customer in North Coogee contacted us looking for a spare prox key for their Honda. Prox keys, also known as smart keys, are amongst the latest in key technology and so involve connecting specialist software to communicate with the car’s immobiliser system. We made a time to be at their North Coogee home and programmed a new spare smart key to their Honda. Another happy customer!

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Prox Key Replacement in Perth

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