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JOB TYPE Peugeot Key Replacement in Coogee


JOB DESCRIPTION Spare and lost key replacements for European cars

Peugeot and Citroen aren’t the most common make of car on the Perth roads. However, start looking for them and you will soon realise there are a lot more around then you would have imagined.

European cars are becoming more and more popular within the Australian market. Packed with great features and creature comforts its understandable to see why. The only downside to some of these cars is the cost of repairs and replacement parts not being locally made.

Luckily Car Key Rescue can at least take the sting out of the cost of replacement and lost keys.

This week we were contacted by a Peugeot 307 owner in Coogee. Her key was in a terrible state but having been quoted extremely high prices for a new key she had been putting off getting a replacement and making do. Unfortunately the key got to the point where she was unable to hold off any longer.

Whilst having the Peugeot serviced one of the technicians couldn’t help but comment on the terrible state of the key. Having made keys for the service centre on many occasions the technician was only too happy to recommend Car Key Rescue to her. A quick call to us and we provided a quote lower than she had been quoted previously and we were promptly booked to make her a spare key at her home in Coogee. Not only was the customer amazed at our prices but the bonus came when we handed her a superior quality modern flip out key leaving her wishing she had found out about us earlier.

Reputation and referrals are what makes us who we are. Car Key Rescue prides ourselves with providing excellent quality products, workmanship and customer service giving us a leading reputation across Perth. Check out our amazing reviews on Facebook and on our Google Business Page.

For all of your Peugeot key replacement needs, or any other make/model you may have, ask us for a quote today!

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Peugeot Key Replacement
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