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JOB TYPE Nissan Navara Key Replacement Seville Grove


JOB DESCRIPTION Help! My Car Keys Have Been Stolen!

This week we received an urgent call from a customer in Seville Grove that unfortunately had had his home broken into and his Nissan Navara keys stolen. This is a common call for help we receive and its imperative it is acted on as a priority.

Nowadays with the advanced immobiliser systems fitted to cars it is almost impossible to steal a car without the keys. However, it is also an unknown fact that burglars can often return to the scene of the crime with the stolen keys to take the vehicle.

By contacting Car Key Rescue in the first instance we are able to prioritise you and get to work removing the stolen keys from the car’s immobiliser system, limiting the risk of the car being stolen.

At the same time we cut, code and program in new keys for your car allowing you to get the car running again.

Did you know that in some cases your insurance company will cover the cost of the replacement keys? Some people don’t realise this and are pleasantly surprised when they are told they are covered.  

Our customer in Seville Grove was rescued within the hour of the call!

Our goal is cutting the cost of keys for our customers all over Perth. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly.

We offer an extensive range of key cutting and programming services to the public and the motor trade.

Offering an efficient and professional service for all of your Nissan Navara key replacement needs, or any other make you may have. Ask us for a quote today!

Simply call us on 0433 933 223 or contact us by email.
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Nissan Navara Key Replacement Seville Grove
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