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In recent years, a growing concern has arisen around the potential hazards of button batteries, particularly those used in everyday items such as our car keys and the risks of small children choking. To address this issue, the Australian government has established safety standards to ensure the well-being of consumers.

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New Mandatory Standards in Place

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) oversees and enforces the safety standards for button battery-containing products in Australia. In response to numerous incidents involving button batteries, these standards now aim to minimise the risk of injuries or fatalities caused by ingestion, choking, or other accidents.

Important Requirements for Car Keys with Button Batteries

  • Secure battery compartment: Car keys with button batteries must have a secure battery compartment requiring a tool to open, such as a screwdriver, to prevent children from accidentally accessing and swallowing the batteries.
  • Warning labels: Clear warning labels must also be present to alert consumers to the presence of button batteries and associated risks. The label must be easily visible, durable, and placed in a prominent location on the product or its packaging.
  • Instructions for safe use: Manufacturers must provide clear and concise instructions on the safe use, handling, and disposal of button batteries in their products.
  • Compliance with Australian Standards: Car keys with button batteries must meet the relevant Australian Standards for safety, performance, and electromagnetic compatibility. These standards ensure that products meet specific criteria, such as battery life, signal strength, and resilience against interference.

How We Are Implementing These New Rules at Car Key Rescue

At Car Key Rescue, we take child safety seriously and so when we heard about the changes to button battery safety standards, we were quick to get on board with the changes. We have been busy ensuring all of our car key remotes meet the new standards and this means an assurance that the remote won’t release the battery inside.

Many children are seriously injured each year from swallowing button batteries. Improving the Australian Standards to improve child safety is a positive step forward. However, it also a timely reminder never to let children play with your car keys. Your car keys can be dangerous to young children and so should always be kept out of reach and definitely not given to children as a toy for amusement.

If you would like to read more about the new button battery regulations, you can find out more by reading the legislation made available by the Australian government.

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The Australian Safety Standards for products containing button batteries are designed to protect consumers from the potential hazards associated with these small but powerful energy sources. When purchasing car keys that contain button batteries, it’s essential to be aware of these safety requirements and to choose products that comply with them.

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