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Many customers are surprised to learn how complex the process is to program new keys into a vehicle. As car computer systems have become more technologically advanced, so too have the car keys. Some vehicles use programmed transponder keys with a cut and coded key and some, known as smart or prox keys, don’t require a key to start the car and instead are ‘push button start’.

If the transponder chip inside the remote for either type becomes dislodged or falls out of the remote (for example when changing the battery) then the remote will no longer communicate with the vehicle, and not start the car. It’s always a good idea to ensure you are careful with how you treat your car keys – dropping them, puting them through the wash and opening the casing can all cause issues with the transponder chip.

This week one of our customers from Forrestfield called us explaining that their remote wasn’t working for their Nissan Navara. They had felt that it all of a sudden stopped working. We know this usually means something has happened to the transponder chip. Luckily they had a spare car key that was working. We scheduled to visit them at their workplace in Forrestfield and were able to program a new transponder chip for the Nissan Navara customer.

Another customer Car Key Rescued!

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