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JOB TYPE Mitsubishi Key Coding

VEHICLE DETAILS Mitsubishi Outlander

JOB DESCRIPTION Mitsubishi Outlander Key Coding in Armadale

Keys are complex computer systems today and so require a bit of extra care in the way they are handled and stored. We are often contacted because keys have stopped working as they have been dropped, stored in wet places, or given to children to play with.

Key blades for vehicles are also precision cut, and require a skilled automotive locksmith, who can correctly cut the key, so as not to damage the ignition, and who can safely program the new transponder chip into the vehicle.

This week, one of our customers in Armadale contacted us via the online enquiry form to find out about replacing their current car key for their Mitsubishi Outlander. We booked them in and were at their home in Armadale at a convenient time to them. Like many car keys we see, the Mitsubishi key remote was covered in sticky tape and the key blade was worn – never a good combination.

It was definitely the right move to give us a call whilst the Outlander key still worked and to have it replaced. We cut, coded and programmed a new remote key for the Mitsubishi Outlander. The customer was happy with the new car key and also commented on how easy the whole process had been – from booking in to having the job completed. Another happy customer Car Key Rescued!!

For all your Mitsubishi key coding needs, or any other make/model you may have, ask us for a quote today!

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Mitsubishi Key Coding in Armadale
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