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JOB TYPE Mercedes Replacement IR Key in Dalkeith


JOB DESCRIPTION Mercedes SLK35 Lost Keys Replaced

Weekends are for having fun but it’s not much fun when you lose your car key whilst out enjoying the Perth sunshine. It’s so easy to lose your car key when your attention is on other things. One of our customers this week was out enjoying some time with the family at the beach.

After a morning playing and swimming, the customer returned to load up the car only to realise he couldn’t find the car key to his Mercedes. The Dalkeith customer searched the beach and located the car key! But…the key was in the pocket of their swimming shorts, had been wet for hours and of course, no longer worked to open or start the Mercedes.

Car keys are high tech, relying on transponder chips to communicate with the vehicle so they don’t like water. A quick google search and the Dalkeith customer found Car Key Rescue and gave us a call. Car Key Rescue literally to the rescue!

Luckily we were quite close and got the Mercedes as our next job. We programmed a new IR key to the Mercedes SKL350 and saw the relief on the whole family’s faces when the car was opened and started.

Accidents like this happen so it’s good to know you can always give us a call at Car Key Rescue. Save our number in your phone today – just in case!

For all of your Mercedes replacement IR key needs, or any other make/model you may have, ask us for a quote today!

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Mercedes Replacement IR Key in Dalkeith
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