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Hondas are a popular car in Perth ranging from the small car Jazz to the family size Accord. This week a retired couple in Mt Hawthorn were a little stressed after losing their only key to their Honda Jazz.

After searching high and low in their house and not managing to find the key they searched ‘lost car keys’ on Google and found Car Key Rescue.

The couple in Mt Hawthorn were unsure of the process of getting new keys made. We were able to explain the process of cutting, programming and coding the new key to their car and they were impressed to hear we could have the process completed within the hour.

Later that day when we arrived to complete the job, the couple enquired about getting a spare key made as well. As they requested two new keys we were able to give them a good price.

At Car Key Rescue we do our best to look after every customer and to provide the most competitive prices. Our Mt Hawthorn couple were Car Key Rescued and very happy with their experience.

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Lost Honda Jazz Key Replacement
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