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As your local mobile automotive locksmith, we understand the stress and inconvenience caused by losing all your car keys. Lost car keys means you can be stranded, unable to get to work or back home. We try to leave spots available in our day to undertake emergency work such as this – we don’t want our customers waiting around all day in an ‘all keys lost’ situation. Where possible, we get to these jobs as soon as we can.

This week a Brentwood customer praised us for our understanding of his stressful situation when he had lost all his Ford keys. Stranded and needing to get to the airport he was in quite the predicament! We finished up the Leeming job we were at and went to rescue him at his Brentwood home. In no time at all we gained access to the vehicle, cut then coded and programmed two new keys into his Ford Ranger.

As automotive locksmiths we specialise in non-invasive methods of vehicle entry, and we laser cut all of our keys by code. The Brentwood Ford Ranger owner was not only hugely relieved to have access to his Ranger and to be able to head off on his way, he was also pleased with the quality and professionalism of our service.

For all your lost car key replacement needs, ask us for a quote today!

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