Isuzu D-Max Spare Flip Remote Key

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JOB TYPE Isuzu D-Max Spare Flip Remote Key


JOB DESCRIPTION New Remote Flip key

Have you considered getting a new, more modern, car key?

Customers are often surprised to discover that for some vehicles there is a choice of car key remotes. We always provide customers with the options available for their particular vehicle. We stock many modern remote flip keys and proximity keys.

One customer this week with an Isuzu D-Max contacted us for a spare flip remote key and as they had completed our online enquiry form, they had explained that the currently only had a basic key. We gave the customer a phone call and talked them through our options.

The customer booked in a suitable time for us to come to their workplace in West Perth later in the week where we were able to cut, code and program the new remote flip key. The customer was thrilled with their more modern style car key remote.

At Car Key Rescue we do our best to look after every customer and to provide the most competitive prices. Check out our excellent reviews on Facebook and on Google

For all of your spare flip remote key needs or any other make/model you may have, ask us for a quote today!

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Spare Flip Remote Key
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