Hyundai Sonata Spare Key Cutting in Balga

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JOB TYPE Hyundai Sonata Spare Key Cutting in Balga


JOB DESCRIPTION Spare Hyundai Key For Customer in Balga

Why are different car keys different prices?

Sometimes when people contact us for a spare car key, or if they have lost car keys, they expect that all car keys cost the same price. However, there are so many factors that determine the price of the car key. Our Balga customer was keen to hear about this difference this week! He owned a Hyundai Sonata and was after a spare Hyundai key. At Car Key Rescue we aim to offer competitive prices and always provide the cheapest price possible. We understand that the cost of a spare car key, or new keys when you have lost them, is often an unwanted expense so we do our best to provide our service at an affordable price point. Some of the factors that can impact the price of getting that spare car key or replacement car keys include;

  • Some car makes and models require genuine, rather than aftermarket options, which can increase the cost
  • Some makes and models which require a push button rather than key-start require a more involved process of programming, higher skill level and take longer to undertake
  • Losing all your car keys requires picking locks or obtaining key codes as well as complicated programming systems which all result in an increase in cost

Always ask us about whether aftermarket options are available for your vehicle. We always also say ‘don’t lose all of your car keys – get that spare car key now’  –  that will always be a cheaper option!

Ask us about our Afterpay option too!

For Hyundai Sonata spare key cutting, or any other make/model you may have, ask us for a quote today!

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Hyundai Sonata Spare Key Cutting in Balga
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