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JOB TYPE Hyundai Replacement Keys in Sorrento

VEHICLE DETAILS Hyundai i30, i45, iX35

JOB DESCRIPTION Proximity key left on roof

It’s been a busy week for Car Key Rescue this week helping out people who had lost car keys or who were needing spare car keys.

Hyundai was a popular car this week as we had three customers with lost car keys to their Hyundai – an i30, i45 and an iX35.

One customer with a proximity key did something many of us do when loading up the car – he placed his key on the car roof. Being a proximity key, when he jumped in the car he was able to start it up, assuming he must have had the key in the car with him.

When he reached his destination in Sorrento and couldn’t locate his car key he quickly remembered that he had left it on the roof. Luckily, this customer found us on Google, gave us a call and we were able to cut, code and program two new keys into his Hyundai i45.

The customer was very happy with our price as he had previously tried to organise a spare key through the dealer but had decided against it due to cost. With our competitive prices he couldn’t put off getting the extra key as well.

Let us help you out with lost or stolen car keys or with getting a spare car key. We specialise in a wide variety of FOB and remote transponder keys for key ignition or proximity / smart car keys. We take the hassle out of car keys by offering a fully mobile service to wherever you need us to be. Find us on Google or on Facebook.

For all of your Hyundai replacement Keys, or any other make/model you may have, ask us for a quote today!

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Hyundai Replacement Keys
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