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JOB TYPE Hyundai Getz Key Replacement in Lesmurdie


JOB DESCRIPTION Hyundai Getz Lost Keys Replaced in Lesmurdie

Why is it that when you’re running late you can’t seem to find your car keys? It happens to all of us and sometimes, we just can’t find them.

One of our customers from Lesmurdie contacted us in a panic early on Monday morning. They had been all ready to leave the house and then couldn’t find their Hyundai keys. They searched everywhere, including the bins! But with no luck. Realising that they couldn’t be found, they got onto Google and found us at Car Key Rescue.

They got hold of us early, explained they had lost all their car keys to their Hyundai Getz and we scheduled them in. The Lesmurdie customer was relieved to hear that as a mobile service we would come to them and complete the job with no additional costs involved. No need for towing the vehicle anywhere and no need to wait all week.

We cut, coded and programmed two new remote car keys to the Hyundai Getz and recommended they put the second key in a safe place!

Contact us for all of your car key needs – vehicle lockouts, programming and car key cutting – we have you covered.

For all your Hyundai Getz key replacement needs, ask us for a quote today!

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Hyundai Getz Key Replacement in Lesmurdie
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