How Much Does It Cost to Fix the Key of a Car?

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Our car keys receive just as much use as our cars themselves, if not more! So, when they are damaged – whether it’s a chip, a clean break, or internal damage to the fob – it can leave us with significant disruption, especially when we don’t have a spare set readily on hand.

When this happens, you may need to have your car keys professionally fixed or replaced to continue using your vehicle. In this article, our specialists at Car Key Rescue will explore the various reasons why you might need to fix your car keys, as well as the potential costs involved.

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When Do You Need to Fix Your Car Key, Rather Than Having It Replaced?

There are several reasons why you might need to fix your car key. The most common (and perhaps obvious) is if the key becomes damaged or broken. Whether you accidentally drop the key on a hard surface, it becomes worn out from everyday use, or something in between, there are countless ways you can see the integrity of your key compromised. In this case, you may need to have the key repaired to continue using it.

If you’re using a fob or smart/proximity keys, you might notice it suddenly isn’t functioning properly. This could be due to a faulty transponder, a problem with the keyless entry system, or some other issue with the internal circuitry, such as water damage or degradation. These issues can be a little more challenging to fix, and will likely require specialist assistance from an automotive locksmith.

If you find that your car keys have been lost or stolen, you will naturally need a replacement key to be able to use your car. Depending on the type of key you have, this may involve getting a duplicate car key made or getting a completely new key programmed specifically for your vehicle.

How Much Does a Car Key Cost to Fix or Replace?

The cost of replacing or fixing car keys can vary widely on the specific issue you are experiencing. If your key is simply damaged or worn out, you may be able to have it repaired for a relatively low cost. This could involve having a new blade cut for a metal key or having the key fob battery swapped out.

If you need to get a duplicate car key made, the cost will depend on your key type. Some car keys, such as those with a simple metal blade, are relatively inexpensive to replace. However, other types of keys, such as those with transponders or those that are part of a keyless entry system, can be much more expensive, as there is far more work for your locksmith to perform.

At Car Key Rescue, the prices for our services start from as low as $95. What’s more, we offer mobile locksmith services, meaning we come directly to you with fast response times, wherever you are, ensuring you don’t have to travel to overpriced dealerships or workshops. With no call-out fee (ever), we are the preferred choice to help when you have lost your car keys, need quick repairs, or simply require a spare set created.

What Impacts Our Pricing at Car Key Rescue?

There are many factors that go into our pricing of car keys. A key consideration for us is always being competitive with our pricing and affordable for our customers. We also believe you get what you pay for so sometimes we might not be the cheapest option, but we are licensed and only ever provide products we know meet the Australian Safety Standard and are of high quality – so they last!

Here are a few other considerations:

    • The vehicle’s make, model and year will determine the particular process for programming and the type of key remote required. Some remote keys are more expensive than others. For example, some vehicles only allow a genuine remote whilst others permit aftermarket options which are usually more affordable. We always offer all options when we quote your car keys

    • The type of ignition influences the price. Key start processes and remotes as compared with push-button start vehicles incur different software and programming requirements which can result in different prices

    • Losing all your car keys will always be more costly as the process is much more complicated as the vehicle key codes or lock picking will be required. Also, some vehicles won’t allow a single key to be programmed, demanding two keys in the system which adds to the cost

At Car Key Rescue we always have your money on our minds – we save you money whenever we can by coming to you to complete the work and always offering you all possible car key options.

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Can Your Insurance Cover Replacement Keys?

Depending on your insurance policy, it may be possible to get coverage for the cost of replacing a car key. If you have comprehensive coverage, you may be able to receive help with the cost of a replacement key if your original key was lost or stolen. However, if you only have liability coverage, it is unlikely that your insurance will cover the cost of a replacement key.

It is always a good idea to check with your insurance company to see if they offer coverage for car key replacements. If they do, you may need to pay a deductible to receive coverage.

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