How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Car Immobiliser?

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A car immobiliser is your vehicle’s unsung hero – a guardian standing between the security of your vehicle and a potential thief gaining access and driving away. Unfortunately, should your immobiliser incur damage or fail to operate as intended, you could be experiencing the same difficulties getting your car up and running.

As such, understanding the function, common issues, and, most importantly, the cost of fixing a car immobiliser in Perth can help minimise any downtime.

To ensure you receive the best care, our specialists at Car Key Rescue have compiled everything you need to know below.

Car Immobiliser Fix

What is a Car Immobiliser?

A car immobiliser is a robust security device designed to prohibit any unauthorised engine operation within your vehicle. In simpler terms, without the correct key or authentication method, your car won’t start, protecting it from potential thieves who have still managed to gain access.

The technology involves a microchip embedded in the car key or key fob, also known as a transponder chip. When you insert your key into the ignition, or bring the key fob within a specific range for keyless start systems, the immobiliser system will read the unique code emitted by this chip.

If the code matches the one stored in the vehicle’s unit, the immobiliser disables, allowing the car to start. Should the code fail to match or if no code is detected, the immobiliser will prevent the engine from starting, thwarting any unwanted usage.

Today, common notorious methods car thieves use, such as hot-wiring, have become virtually impossible, making your car far more secure.

Common Issues with Car Immobilisers

Despite the ingenuity, like any technology, car immobilisers are not infallible and can occasionally run into issues, including:

  • Faulty Key Fobs: Over time, a key fob can wear out or get damaged, causing it to fail with its programming and prevent the signal from reaching the car immobiliser.
  • Transponder Key Problems: The transponder chip inside your key can also degrade or break, hindering its communication with the immobiliser and thereby preventing your car from starting.
  • Electronic Glitches: Electronic issues can cause the car’s immobiliser system to malfunction, ranging from software glitches, a loose wire, or even a fault in the vehicle’s electrical unit.

Costs Associated with Fixing a Car Immobiliser

So, what’s the price tag on fixing these issues? Well, like most things, the cost of fixing a car immobiliser in Perth can vary. It depends on your vehicle’s make, the complexity of the problem, and whether replacements are needed. After all, you might be able to swap out a battery yourself, but if the problem is rooted deeper in the key or technology itself, you will need professional help.

With Car Key Rescue, for example, our prices start from as low as $95 for assistance with malfunctioning or broken car keys. Should a repair not be possible, our specialist car locksmiths can also help with on-site key fob replacement, as well as cut you a spare car key so you’re never caught off-guard again.

How to Prevent Car Immobiliser Issues

While you can’t avoid every car immobiliser issue, certain practices can help minimise them. Regular maintenance checks, keeping key fobs clean, and protecting transponder keys from damage can help keep your immobiliser in prime condition. And, of course, if you encounter an issue, seek professional help promptly to avoid further complications.

Choosing the Right Professional Service to Fix Your Car Immobiliser

Finding a reliable, low-cost professional to fix your car immobiliser in Perth is just as essential as the repair itself.

Car Key Rescue is committed to providing cost-effective, reliable solutions for all your car immobiliser woes. With our team of skilled technicians, we assure you that your immobiliser’s issues will be a thing of the past. We believe in transparent pricing, quality service, and customer satisfaction.

For more information, please feel encouraged to contact us today at 0433 933 223, via email at [email protected], or by submitting a short online enquiry.

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