Honda Accord Replacement Key in Carlisle

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JOB TYPE Honda Accord Replacement Key in Carlisle


JOB DESCRIPTION 2x Honda Accord Keys Cut & Programmed

Did you know that some cars require two keys to be programmed into them? Other vehicles only need the one key but we encourage our customers to always go for two keys. Why? Because you just never know when you will lose your one and only car key!

This week we were out in Carlisle for a customer who had unfortunately lost their only Honda key for their Accord. When we quoted them earlier in the week they had decided on only one replacement car key for their Honda. When we were at their Carlisle home we explained how it is not only more cost effective to get two car keys cut, coded and programmed now, but it would save a lot of hassle if he was unlucky enough to lose his car key again.

The wise customer agreed, and also found it was a bigger saving to get the two keys made whilst we were already there doing the automotive locksmith work. So another happy customer with two new remote keys for their Honda Accord.

Don’t wait until you lose your only car key – organise your spare car key with us today. We come to you, so no need to keep putting it off.

For a Honda Accord replacement key, or any other make/model you may have, ask us for a quote today!

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Honda Accord Replacement Key in Carlisle
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