New Holden Cruze Key Repair Instead of Replacement in Jolimont

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JOB TYPE Holden Key Repair in Jolimont


JOB DESCRIPTION Spare, lost and key repairs

Here at Car Key Rescue, we are always looking out for our customers’ best interests by providing honest advice and offering cost-saving options for our services. Given the vehicle’s popularity in Australia, we receive many requests for Holden Cruze key replacement. However, upon inspection of the existing car keys, sometimes we can repair/reshell the damaged key, saving our clients the expense of needing an entirely new key cut.

Holden Key Repair

Saving Money on the New Holden Cruze Key Replacement Cost By Performing Repairs Instead

Recently, a Jolimont customer contacted us for a new Holden Cruze replacement key. They told us the remote was falling apart, the buttons were no longer working, and it was creating difficulties entering and locking their vehicle. So, we booked in an appointment to visit their property and organise a spare key replacement for them.

When we arrived in Jolimont at their home and inspected their current key, we were able to offer the customer a cheaper option – a new key shell replacement. A shell replacement would ensure the key looked brand new again at a fraction of the cost for a total Holden Cruze key replacement.

The customer appreciated our honesty, and, as they had made such a saving, decided that in addition to our car key repairs services, they would have a spare key made as well. Another happy customer!

How Can Car Key Rescue Help You Beyond New Holden Cruze Key Replacement Services?

At Car Key Rescue, we specialise in lost and spare car keys, key repairs, and lockouts for our clients throughout Fremantle, MandurahRockingham, Alkimos, Butler, Canning Vale, and Armadale. We pride ourselves on offering the lowest prices possible but never compromising on quality and service – let us Car Key Rescue you!

For all of your Holden Cruze key replacement and repair needs, or any other make/model you may have, ask us for a quote today!

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