Holden Captiva Replacement Key in Atwell

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JOB TYPE Holden Captiva Replacement Key in Atwell


JOB DESCRIPTION Aftermarket Remote Holden Captiva Key

Did you know that replacing your car key remote can mean getting a more durable and updated remote than your original?

Often our customers are surprised to learn that we stock a range of car key remotes and whilst we provide genuine key remotes, we also stock a large variety of aftermarket remote keys.

This week we were contacted by a customer in Atwell who had misplaced one of their immobiliser keys for the Holden Captiva. The Atwell customer had set to obtain a spare car key to be put away in case the original was ever lost. Whilst at the job at their Atwell home, we showed the customer an aftermarket option that was both more durable, and more modern looking, than their original Holden Captiva car key. Of course the customer selected this aftermarket option and then was surprised to learn it was even cheaper than the original quote.

We were able to cut, code and program the new replacement car key into the Holden Captiva and were happy to hear this would be the main key in use by the customer!

At Car Key Rescue, quality in equipment and in service is important to us. Don’t trust anyone else with your car key needs!

For a Holden Captiva replacement key, or any other make/model you may have, ask us for a quote today!

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Holden Captiva Replacement Key in Atwell
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