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Ever forgotten to check your pockets before doing a load of washing? If you’re lucky, it might be that you find a few coins bouncing around the washing machine. For some unlucky customer this week, it was their car key they found instead.

Car keys are complex, containing miniature transponder chips and so they don’t do well in water. To avoid losing your car keys or needing a replacement car key it is always best to keep your car keys in a safe place out of habit.

As we are a mobile service operating from Fremantle, it wasn’t far to go to help out a customer from Beaconsfield this week who had realised his Ford key no longer worked after accidently being washed. He gave us a call asking for a quote for a replacement Territory key. We quoted him on the spare car key and let him know there were no additional costs involved in travelling to his Beaconsfield home to undertake the car key programming.

We ended up there later in the day and were able to code and program a new spare car key to the Ford Territory. The Beaconsfield Territory owner was relieved to have his spare car key replacement and was sure to say he won’t make the same mistake again. Another customer Car Key Rescued!

For all your Ford spare key coding needs, or any other make/model you may have, ask us for a quote today!

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Ford Spare Key Coding
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