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JOB TYPE Ford Focus Key Programming in Hocking


JOB DESCRIPTION Replacement Key Programming

We are back to assisting the people of Perth after enjoying a break over Easter. For many, it is school holiday time and a good chance to get on to organising that spare car key that you keep putting off.

For one customer last week they were regretting not organising the spare car key for their Ford Focus as they found themselves in an ‘all keys lost’ situation. Typically, losing your only car key doesn’t happen at a convenient time and instead always seems to happen to people when they are out and about with a car full of kids.

The customer from Hocking was out at the local shopping centre and after an exhausting day shopping with kids returned to their Ford Focus only to realise they had lost their only car key. After searching the shopping centre and having no luck, they Googled ‘car key programming’ and found Car Key Rescue. They gave us a call and explained their situation. We discussed that getting two new keys programmed into the vehicle is always cheaper than organising a spare car key at a later time. We finished up the job we were at and headed to Hocking. In no time at all we had gained entry to the vehicle using our specialised techniques that avoid any damage to the vehicle. We then cut, coded and programmed two new Ford Focus keys for the customer.

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Ford Focus Key Programming
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