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JOB DESCRIPTION Ford Falcon Key Replacement in Byford

Lost your car keys? We can help! In fact we do everything from car key remote repairs to programming proximity keys.

We get asked all sorts of questions when customers contact us but a common question is about how we will be able to gain entry to their car if they have lost all of their car keys. We use non-invasive techniques to gain vehicle entry if you are locked out of your car and you have lost all of your car keys – and this is the first step in making new car keys.

We then make new car keys by cutting to code and utilising specialist software to program new car keys to your specific vehicle.

This week a Byford couple were locked out of their Ford Falcon FGX and had lost their car keys. They gave us a call and we organised to meet the Byford couple at their vehicle. In under an hour we had gained entry to the Falcon, used our specialised equipment to cut new car keys and to complete the car key programming. The Byford couple were impressed with our professional service and commented on our prices – a lot cheaper than dealers!

For Ford Falcon key replacement, or any other make/model you may have, ask us for a quote today!

Simply call us on 0433 933 223 or contact us by email.
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Ford Falcon Key Replacement in Byford

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