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JOB TYPE BMW Slot Key Replacement in Crawley


JOB DESCRIPTION BMW Series 7 Slot Key Replacement & Programming

There are so many variations of car keys today! As vehicle technology changes, so too does the car key. As well as your usual FOB key, flip remote keys and smart/proximity keys, some cars have what we call a slot key.

Slot keys don’t have an actual key blade and instead ‘slot’ into a space on the car dashboard to engage the ignition. At Car Key Rescue we are specialists in car key programming so as well as all the usual car keys, we can also program a new slot key to your car.

A customer from Crawley contacted us this week and they were both surprised and relieved to know that we were able to supply them with a new slot key for their Series 7 BMW. BMW keys can be expensive, especially if you go back to the dealership. Unlike the dealership, we also offer the convenient service of coming to you, which means less time out of your day.

The customer had done a quick google search for ‘automotive locksmith slot keys’ and found us at Car Key Rescue. They gave us a call, booked in and we were at their home in Crawley later that week to program a new slot key to their BMW.

We only stock high quality keys and the customer was happy to see that their new key looked exactly like their original – a high quality key for their prestige car. Contact us today for your car key needs.

For BMW slot key replacement & programming, ask us for a quote today!

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