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JOB DESCRIPTION New Smart Key for Ford Mondeo in Alfred Cove

As automotive locksmiths servicing Perth, we get asked a lot of questions about what to do if you lose your car keys. Our advice is always to not be in a situation where you only have one working car key. When you find yourself with only one car key, that’s the time to contact us to organise your spare key.

At Car Key Rescue this week, we were contacted by a couple in Alfred Cove who had lost their only car key for their Ford Mondeo. Like many customers, getting a spare car key had been on their ‘to-do list’ for some time and now they were faced with no car keys for their Mondeo. Luckily, they were at their home and not stranded somewhere when they contacted us.

We were quick to book them in and were able to program in a new smart key for their Ford. Now very aware of the need to always have a spare car key, they asked us to program in a spare prox key whilst we were there – a wise decision!

At Car Key Rescue we also recommend making sure you keep your spare car key in an accessible and safe place, just in case! If you are relying on only one car key, contact us as your trusted automotive locksmith to sort out all your car key needs.

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Automotive Locksmiths Servicing Perth
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