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JOB DESCRIPTION Spare Key Required

This week saw us rescuing people all over Perth who had lost their car keys, locked themselves out of their vehicle or who needed spare car keys.

At Car Key Rescue we are always recommending to have a spare key made before you end up losing all of your car keys. It’s always a cheaper and more convenient option to get the spare!

This week we were contacted by a customer in Bertram who had decided to have a spare key made for their Toyota. The customer had seen our Car Key Rescue van drive by and it was a timely reminder for them to give us a call.

The Bertram customer explained that they had a Toyota Aurion and had wanted a spare key made in case anything happened to their only car key. We were able to arrange a suitable time to come to their home to cut, code and program the new smart/proximity key to their Toyota Aurion.

The customer was impressed that we were a mobile service and yet were still a cheaper option than the dealership. We provide car key programming to many makes and models and we can also help with vehicle lock outs and automotive locksmith services.

If you need a replacement car key, or you’ve lost all of your car keys, give us a call so that we can Car Key Rescue you!

To discuss our automotive locksmith services, contact us for details today!

Simply call us on 0433 933 223 or contact us by email.
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