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JOB DESCRIPTION Nissan Micra Key Coding in Leda

Have you considered getting a more modern looking car key?

People are sometimes surprised to discover they can upgrade the look of their car key. Cars are such an expensive asset – why not keep your car key looking good too! Perhaps you’re interested in upgrading your key because the buttons are worn out or perhaps you simply want to change your FOB key to a remote flip key to look more modern.

Whatever your car key needs are, we can have you sorted!

This week we were already helping a customer in a Leda shopping centre car park (who had unfortunately locked their car keys in the boot), when we were approached by another customer enquiring about whether we could make a remote flip key for their Nissan Micra. Their current key had seen better days and the Leda customer was looking for a new, more modern key remote for their Micra. Impressed by our large range of remotes and our prices we went ahead with the job.

We cut, coded and programmed a new remote flip key to the Nissan Micra on the spot. Another happy customer Car Key Rescued! Call us today for all your auto locksmith needs.

For auto locksmith key coding in Perth, for any make/model vehicle you may have, ask us for a quote today!

Simply call us on 0433 933 223 or contact us by email.
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Auto Locksmith Key Coding
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